About Us

Hooverboard.com has achieved high marks in Customer service.
Riding a Self Balancing Scooter is my favorite thing in the world!
- Jason Derulo


The Hoverboard Story
HooverBoard.com is the idea of two great friends that know each other for over 25 years. Since we were both 15 years old, we wanted to create our own business together. Only recently, with our new passion for electric mobility, we decided to jump into the adventure.  As a technology company we are proud of our green credentials, and are always looking for new and innovative technologies. Our head office in Montreal, gives us a huge brand exposure and fast access to the Hoverboard USA market. Our location, the clients we serve, our company ethos and our brand makes us the #1 provider of Hoverboard in North America.

We are in 2017 and there are now many ways to get to point A to point B in fast, fun, stylish, convenient ways, even in congestionned cities. Discover everything a Hoverboard has to offer in our pages.  You can contact us anytime throught phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… we use every channels that our customers use and will answer all your questions with a smile.

So from now on, Hooverboard.com makes you commute with SWAG!