HOOVER BOARD Advance 6.5" | UL2272 Certified | Red Flame

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2x 250W Brushless Engines + Bluetooth + Full LED + Taotao Motherboard + Benz Metal Wheel + No Fall Tech + Up to 8 km + UL 2.0 Battery + UL Charger + Poly Carbonate Frame + Min Load 45lbs + Max Load 220lbs + 6 Month Warranty + UL2272 Certified

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Product Overview


There's no compromise with this hoverboard for children aged 5 to 10 years old. Our Advance model is just like the Classic model, but includes a Bluetooth speaker to play music and lights over the wheels for added visibility (and a killer look). For any user weighing between 45 and 220 lbs. 

  • 6.5 inch wheels, ideal for rolling on cement, asphalt and all hard surfaces;
  • Maximum speed of 10 KM/H;
  • Maximum distance of 8 to 10 km depending on the weight of the user and operating conditions;
  • Bluetooth speaker and LED lights above the wheels;
  • Auto-level function (no fall technology). Learning takes only 3 to 5 minutes;
  • Highly resistant ABS plastic  for a product that will last for many years;
  • Suitable for all users, minimum weight 45 lbs, maximum weight 220 lbs;
  • 2 Ah battery coupled with 2 motors of 250 watts will allow you to ride smoothly.
  • The battery can be recharged up to 1000 times (3 to 5 years of use);
  • UL certified charger included with the hoverboard at the time of purchase;
  • UL2272, CE, Rohs, MSDS certifications guaranteeing a quality product.

Genuine UL2272 Certified
Unlike many online retailers selling old inventory of Non-UL2272 Certified Hooverboards or fake UL Holograms, you can be 100% certain you are buying an Authentic and Safe UL2272 Certified Hooverboard with HOOVERBOARD®! According to different studies, only 22% of the Hooverboard worldwide do have a genuine UL2272. HOOVERBOARD does have a genuine UL2272 certificate.

With enhanced and sophisticated gyro sensors, the hooverboard automatically aligns so that the rider's balance is never compromised and a stable equilibrium is maintained. Only Hooverboards made after March 2020 do have the No Fall Technology. If there is no "No Fall Tech", it's necessarily a very old stock. HOOVERBOARD does have No Fall Technology on all Hooverboards that we sell. 

High End Taotao Motherboard
Smoother and more stabilizing gear and motor system with the new and improved TaoTao Motherboard. Taotao is simply the best motherboard for Hooverboard. Yes, HOOVERBOARD has only genuine Taotao motherboard in each Hooverboard we build.

2X The Battery Life
HOOVERBOARD only use the latest generation high capacity Lithium-ion battery packs with built-in overcharge protection and can be safely charged for ~2,000 cycles (more than 2X the industry average). The majority of Hooverboards sold at Amazon and Bigbox stores use low-end batteries (blue skin wrapped) which results in 50% less ride time per charge and often need a costly replacement within a few months.

Warranty Information

HOOVERBOARD is the largest UL 2272 Certified Hooverboard retailer in Canada! As the online leader for over 7 years, we were one of the first Hooverboards in the world to achieve UL2272 certification. Manufactured at the highest standards with premium parts only, our self balancing scooters are built for longevity and reliability. Do not be fooled by cheap imitation Hooverboards selling at extremely low prices on the internet and Amazon. Our Hooverboards are all Genuine UL 2272 certified and rated as the safest Hooverboards for sale! Unlike many competitors trying to sell old non-certified models or fake UL2272 certificates, EVERY Hooverboard we ship complies with all Canada Government regulations & is 100% authentic and safe. While we strive to offer the most affordable Hooverboards on the market, we are not the cheapest and for good reason. Many online retailers ONLY focus on offering the lowest price to attract unsuspecting customers. However these discount Hooverboards are just that, cheap! If you read the all the negative reviews for these poorly constructed Hooverboards, you will quickly discover they usually only last 1-3 months before needing to be sent back for repair.