WHEELSTER Lamborghini Hooverboard 8" Black-Blue | APP, Bag, Bluetooth, LED, Turbo | UL2272

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BETTER AND FASTER Smooth and simple acceleration, drift corners with ease! Just lean forward or back to go forward or reverse. Lean side to side to master cornering at high speeds! Full set of certifications of self balancing wheel: UL2272 - CE – ROHS – FCC – MSDS – UN38.3 included in every package. SAFE CERTIFIED BATTERIES AND CHARGERS Hooverboard offer the quality and safe self balancing wheel you are looking for. Ride miles on one charge! Certified Battery reaches full charge in less than two hours. Onboard Battery Level indicator keeps you informed of your current charge. Be careful of competitor boards with cheap battery. Buy with Hooverboard or don't buy! EASY TO RIDE & TONS OF FUN In less than 5 minutes you’ll be up and riding around. Most people master it in as little as 30 seconds! Once you ride it you’ll never want to get off! UP TO 2 YEARS FULL WARRANTY If at any point you’re having issues with your Hoover Board, contact our customer service department. Also included, self balancing wheel has 3 months warranty if damage is not caused by misuse. The tires are considered to be consumables and have one month warranty. Additional warranty (up to 2 years) is available on this website. The warranty will not be valid if the product malfunctions due to misuse, modification, accidental damage, unsuitable storage, and surface damage or water damage. With every order, you will receive 1 board, 1 charger, 1 owners manual. All HOOVERBOARD products are used at the individual riders own risk and discretion. HOOVERBOARD will not be legally responsible for any of the following: damage to the product, injury or fatality to the rider, injury or fatality to any third party, damage or loss of personal belongings or damage to the clothing. HOOVERBOARD is not legally responsible for any injury resulting from any of ours products.